APLA Conducts a Specialized Training in Protocol Rules

12 Sep 2022
APLA Conducts a Specialized Training in Protocol Rules

The Association of Palestinian Local Authorities (APLA) conducted a specialized training in protocol rules under the Public Relations Hub activities, with the aim of clarifying the official ceremonial and formal etiquette expected from local authorities' employees, increasing their knowledge and familiarity with protocol rules in order to conduct themselves properly in all situations, and to enhance their capacity for coordinating and organizing official visits, meetings and ceremonies, with the participation of 50 representatives of media and public relations departments at local authorities.


The Legal and Technical Support Unit Manager, Eng. Afanah, praised, during the opening speech of the training, the role played by media and public relations employees at local authorities, pointing out the importance of training, as it clarifies the basic rules of formal conduct inside local authorities, especially being service institutions working directly with citizens, on one hand, and being elected institutions representing the citizens, on the other.


The training lasted two days under the supervision of a certified trainer in protocol rules and etiquette Dr. Sa'eed Titan, who gave a historical background on the topic, in addition to the key definitions of characteristics and skills that employees responsible for ceremonies at official institutions must have. Moreover, he explored the rules of precedence, official receptions, handshakes, national flags, official visits, office visits, meetings and banquettes, signing agreements and taking official photos. Finally, he pointed out the best practices in professional conduct with VIPS, direct managers and officials, and colleagues in the working environment.


It is worth mentioning that the training was conducted under the Technical Hubs project for exchanging experiences between local authorities implemented in partnership between APLA and LGRP-GIZ. It comprises of five hubs: Engineering and Planning Hub, Public Relations Hub, Financial Administration Hub, Village Councils Hub, and Creativity and Innovation Hub.