APLA Signs a Cooperation Agreement with ANCI UMBRIA

18 Jun 2022
APLA Signs a Cooperation Agreement with ANCI UMBRIA

The Association of Palestinian Local Authorities (APLA) entered a tripartite cooperation agreement with the Association of Italian Local Authorities in Umbria (ANCI UMBRIA) and the Association of Local Authorities for Decentralized Cooperation and Sustainable Development (FELCOS UMBRIA). This came on the side of the visit organized by APLA to Italy for the Mayors of benefiting local authorities under the activities of the project "Local Authorities Network for Sustainable Development L.A.N.D". The aim is to enhance the relationships between Palestinian local authorities and their counterparts in Umbria, and exchange experiences through regional participatory programs and international development cooperation initiatives that both Italy and Palestine participate in.


The Agreement was signed by APLA's President, Eng. Musa Hadid and the President of ANCI UMBRIA, Micheal Toniacini, and the Vice President of FELCOS UMBRIA Umpretto Boniti, in the presence of APLA's Executive Director, Eng. Abdallah Anati as well as the representatives and mayors of local authorities from both sides.


On the side of signing the agreement, and during an interview with the Official Italian Television, Musa Hadid said, "The challenges facing the Palestinian people as a result of the Israeli occupation measures and actions are tremendous. The responsibility falls on all of our shoulders to expand our presence in global networks and organizations, to inform the world of the Israeli occupation practices that target all foundations of life in Palestine", praising the historical relation between the Palestinian and Italian people. Hadid clarified that signing this agreement with partner organizations in Italy is part of an attempt to formalize this partnership, expanding the base of joint cooperation between Palestinian and Italian local authorities. The agreement will lead to more partnerships with local authorities’ associations in Europe.


APLA's Executive Director, Eng. Abdallah Anati said "Signing this agreement is an extension of APLA's efforts to expand its network of partnerships with counterpart associations around the world, with the aim of utilizing the opportunities provided through such partnerships to enter joint development projects and increase the chance of acquiring funding for the implementation of target projects. Anati added "Signing this agreement with the Italian Association is the fruit of a partnership for implementing a joint project between Palestinian and Italian local authorities in the field of environment and solid waste. the agreement will allow the municipalities targeted by the project and other Palestinian municipalities to enter sustainable relations with Italian municipalities".


As per this agreement, the three parties shall work on implementing decentralized cooperation activities between Palestinian municipalities and their counterparts in Umbria through planning and coordinating technical exchange activities in the fields of sustainable local development and regional cooperation of shared interest. Such include the environmental and climate change challenges, natural resources management, waste management, raising awareness and regional strategic planning, and partnership for development.


This agreement allows the three parties to work in full partnership with the hope of engaging in international projects and acquiring joint funding for the implementation of joint plans that will be identified within the action plan framework. Moreover, ANCI UMBRIA will facilitate the relations between APLA and its Italian counterpart ANCI UMBRIA on the national level, as the latter works under the umbrella of the National Association of Local Authorities (ANCI). ANCI UMBRIA is responsible for working with 91 local authorities in Umbria region in various fields, such as administration, health, and environmental protection, in addition to organizing and managing public services under the decentralized cooperation projects and enhancing sustainable development in cooperation with FELCOS Umbria. FELCOS Umbria is an organization supporting the establishment of active multilateral partnerships and coalitions at various levels with the aim of exchange and growth among the country's different regions concerning sustainable development issues of shared concern while enhancing the broader development strategies of national governments and international organizations such as the UN and EU.


It is worth mentioning that APLA is implementing the project "L.A.N.D" for the benefit of local authorities in Palestine funded by the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation AICS, and in cooperation with ANCI UMBRIA and FELCOS UMBRIA, Trasimeno Servizi Ambientali, Unione dei Comuni Terre dell'Olio e del Sagrantino, Assisi Municipality, Autorità Igienico-sanitaria dell'Umbria. The direct beneficiaries of the project include the cluster of Beit Liqia, Ni'lin and neighboring villages, and the cluster of Huwwarah, Beita and neighboring villages.