APLA Meets with the Italian Consul General in Jerusalem

30 May 2022
APLA Meets with the Italian Consul General in Jerusalem

The Association of Palestinian Local Authorities, APLA, headed by APLA President Musa Hadid, held a meeting with the Italian Consul General in Jerusalem, Giuseppe Fedele, in order to introduce the "Local Authorities Network for Sustainable Development – L.A.N.D" project, meet with the Mayors of local authorities in the communities targeted under the project, and review the needs of these areas, especially in relation to environmental issues.


The meeting took place at APLA's HQ in Ramallah, attended by Mayor of Beit Liqia, Arij Assi; Mayor of Ni'lin, Yousef Al-Khawajah; Mayor of Beita, Mahmoud Barham and Huwwarah Municipality member, Wajih Oudeh; the Director of AICS, Guglielmo Giordano; the Technical and Legal Support Unit Manager at APLA, Eng. Abdelmo'men Afanah; Project Director, Morino Caporalini and Project Coordinator from the Italian side Ciara Coliti; Project Coordinator from APLA, Widad Qadi; and the Public Relations and Media Coordinator, Nadine Nakhleh.


The Italian Consul praised the role of Palestinian local authorities and its ability to continue providing services despite all political challenges. Moreover, he pointed out the importance of the field visit intended for the middle of next month in Italy to learn more about the reality of local authorities and to work on exchanging experiences and learning from the Italian experience in addressing environmental problems and issues, establishing for cooperation between both sides.


On another hand, APLA's President, Eng. Musa Hadid appreciated the efforts and interest of the Italian Consulate in decentralized cooperation projects with Palestinian local authorities, especially its interest in the L.A.N.D project, as it supports institutionalization of the relationship between Palestinian local authorities and their Italian counterparts to enhance partnership and benefit from both sides expertise. Furthermore, he invited targeted local authorities to make all efforts necessary to present this model that is based on cooperation among local authorities in order to overcome geographical and political challenges standing against devising comprehensive and sustainable development strategies and policies.


Meanwhile, AICS Director presented the key decentralized cooperation projects implemented in cooperation with Palestinian local authorities, inviting APLA to submit project proposals addressing the key issues faced by the local governance sector based on the needs of local authorities and by focusing on their priorities.


Project Director on behalf of FELCOS UMBRIA, Morino Caporalini presented the main dimensions of the project, its interventions and work methodology, and clarified that the project seeks mainly to enhance Palestinian local authorities' capacity for planning and management in the frame of joint environmental services. Such is achievable by focusing on enhancing the means of local communities' awareness and participation in supporting local and national strategies for environmental sustainability.


It is worth mentioning that APLA is implementing "L.A.N.D" project for the benefit of local authorities in Palestine funded by AICS, in cooperation with ANCI UMBRIA, ANCI Trasimeno, FELCOS UMBRIA, Trasimeno Servizi Ambientali, Unione dei Comuni Terre dell'Olio e del Sagrantino, Assisi Municipality, Autorità Igienico-sanitaria dell'Umbria. The direct project beneficiaries are Beit Liqia-Ni'lin and neighboring villages cluster, and Huwwarah-Beita and neighboring villages cluster.