APLA concludes a workshop on localizing the Sustainable Development Goals

18 Nov 2020
APLA concludes a workshop on localizing the Sustainable Development Goals

The Association of Palestinian Local Authorities – APLA concluded the workshop for the engineering hub on localization the sustainable development goals. this workshop lasted for three days which the Hub members were divided into three groups to ensure effective participation and exchange of experiences through an interactive training held through the "Zoom" technology, In the presence of APLA Executive Director Eng. Abdallah Anati, and an expert in urban sustainability, Dr. Samer Raddad, Engineering Hub Coordinator Eng. Murad Al-Tamimi and about 30 participants from directors of engineering departments in local authorities.


APLA executive director Eng. Anati launched the workshop by welcoming all participants and speakers, pointing that the importance of including the local perspective in regional, national and global strategies seeking to achieve the 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda, stressing that this requires concerted efforts to achieve integration known as Localization, which is the key to ensuring the adoption of responsive and comprehensive policies for everyone to achieve a balance between the three dimensions of sustainable development - economic development, social inclusion and environmental sustainability, supported by good governance.


The expert in urban sustainability dr. Raddad gave an introductory presentation on the sustainable development agenda from its inception, definition, dimensions and pillars to the mechanisms of its localization, using the Miro program to enable attendees to interact in exercises that enabled them to exchange experiences on how to achieve sustainable development goals at the local level, and how to harmonize these goals in city planning and building processes.


The localization for the Sustainable Development Goals workshop included presentations on the local vision and experiences of the localization process, including the presentation of Ohoud Enaya from the Ministry of Local Government, which presented the ministry's vision of the localization process, and an explanation of the Palestinian national framework and its structure in the Palestinian government in order to achieve the sustainable development goals. In addition to presentations on the experiences of Palestinian municipalities in the localization of sustainable development, presented by Eng. Samar Al-Tamimi on the experience of the Jericho municipality in this regard, and Dr. Amal Hodhod on the experience of Nablus municipality.


In turn, APLA Policy Coordinator Wala’ Hassarmeh presented APLA’s vision in achieving the sustainable development agenda at the local level, indicating that APLA strategic plan (2019-2022) is characterized by its relevance and alignment with the sustainable development agenda, and that APLA’s role in this regard is centered on aligning the sustainable development agenda with its programs aiming to enhance awareness and knowledge of local authorities and support them with all possible means to gain familiarity with sustainable development goals in particular, and thus enhance their role in achieving these goals, taking into account achieving integration with the efforts made at the national level.


It is worth mentioning that this workshop comes within the framework Municipal Technical Exchange Hubs program that is being implemented in partnership between APLA and LRGP within the GIZ. Note that it includes five hubs: the engineering hub, the financial managers’ hub, the public relations hub, the village councils’ hub, and the innovation hub.