APLA and Ministry of Telecommunications & Information Technology Discuss Means of Joint Cooperation

08 Oct 2020
APLA and Ministry of Telecommunications & Information Technology Discuss Means of Joint Cooperation

The Association of Palestinian Local Authorities – APLA, headed by its president, Eng. Musa Hadid, discussed with His Excellency Minister of Telecommunications & Information Technology Dr. Ishaq Sider a number of issues regarding the mechanism of strengthening the relationship between Local Authorities, the Ministry of Telecommunications & Information Technology and the Telecommunications companies in Palestine. This came during a meeting held at the Ministry between the two, the vice president of APLA Mr. Tayseer Abu Sneina, the mayor of Qalqilya, Mr. Hashim al-Masri, the mayor of Tulkarem, Mr. Mohamed Yaacoub, and the Executive Director of APLA, Eng. Abdallah Anati, as well as the employees of the relevant departments in the Ministry.


Minister of Telecommunications & Information Technology, Dr. Sider, praised the work of Local Authorities that have made great strides in providing services to citizens through the optimal use of technology to facilitate the delivery of services in the best way possible. He stressed the need to maintain incessant communication and coordination between the Ministry and APLA, which shall strengthen the bonds of partnership with Local Authorities that play the supporting roles to all the sectors in Palestine, including the telecommunications and information technology sector, stating that unifying the efforts between all sectors accelerates development and progress.


For its part, APLA reviewed the most prominent issues related to the rights and roles of Local Authorities in relation to the telecommunications and information technology sector, particularly their rights to make use of the public facilities, explaining that regulating the relationship between the Local Authorities and the telecommunications sector will contribute to preserving the rights of Local Authorities, especially since they own the infrastructure to establish partnerships with the private sector in order to invest in their assets and properties.


Both parties agreed that APLA shall present its position on the proposed draft law on communications and information technology, and that meetings between APLA and the Ministry should intensify to ensure the participation of Local Authorities in the decision-making process so as to maintain all their rights on the one hand, and to perform the roles assigned to them on the other hand, in order to deliver best services to all citizens.