Technical Hub Conducts a Special Workshop Titled “City Manager Main Roles”

13 Dec 2017
Technical Hub Conducts a Special Workshop Titled “City Manager Main Roles”

City Managers Hub in Municipalities carried out the first specialized workshop called "City Manager Main Roles"; that came as part of the Technical Hub activities between the Palestinian Local Authorities, launched by the Association of Palestinian Local Authorities (APLA) in cooperation with GIZ's Local Governance Reform Programme.

During the workshop, various topics were discussed under the primary items that focused on municipal daily work management, with the participation of City Managers from Ramallah, Beit Sahour, Ram, Anabta, Bani Na'im, Al-Bireh, Surif, Qalqilia, Birzeit, Yatta, Qabatiya, Bethlehem, Beitunia, Tammun, Beit Jala, Dura, Salfit, Arrabeh, Tulkarm, Imna and Nablus. Al Bireh Municipality presented their daily work management experience. Also, a focus on Ramallah and Nablus Municipalities experiences, the workshop also displayed the mechanisms of Municipal Councils sessions management and the subcommittees relationship, ending it with discussing ways to manage the yearly plan and national budget, highlighting the experiences of Ramallah, Yatta and Beit Sahour Municipalities.

APLA's President Eng. Mousa Hadid has begun the workshop by mentioning the importance of City Managers’ participation in such workshops, as to benefit from the different Palestinian Municipalities' experiences, affirming the workshop's significance and sensitivity in continuing the Local Governance Reform Program and APLAs' efforts in developing the Local Governance Sector.

Eng. Hadid has also called on City Managers to have a serious consideration on ways to participate in the International City Managers Network (ICMA) which is considered to be one of the most effective networks around the world, pointing out that APLA will host ICMA in the coming period in Palestine.

 GIZ's Local Governance Reform Program Manager Hans Frühauf stated that this hub targets Municipalities General Managers as being the backbone of Local Authorities, saying that these workshops will help municipalities improve the citizens’ lives.

 It is worth mentioning that, the Technical Hubs Project has been carried out in cooperation with APLA and GIZ's Local Governance Reform Program, it includes the four following hubs: City Managers Hub, Financial Management Hub, Planning Hub, and the Engineering Hub.