Request to compete for inclusive municipality prize

12 Apr 2023

The association of Palestinian local authorities (APLA) in cooperation and partnership with EducAid an Italian non-governmental institution are implementing “Promotion of the rights of PwDs in Palestine” funded by the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation (AICS) in order to empower, mainstream, include and promotion of the rights of PwDs and their families in Palestine. The project consists of two components which are as follows:

  1. Strengthening the capacity of municipalities, CSOs, and DPOs.
  2. Improved level of awareness and empowerment of PwDs at municipality regional and national level.

Continuing the project activities, APLA is currently working on implementing the activity of “Inclusive Municipality Prize” that targets the inclusion of people with disabilities in local authorities through integrated action plan.

The purpose of this request is to evaluate local authorities who are interested in winning the prize by presenting an integrated action plan to include people with disabilities in the local authorities and the commitment of the winning local authority to use the prize in implementing parts of this plan noting that the value of the prize is only 6000 euros.

The request is solely for the competition of the prize and shall not be considered as an acceptance or a response or an establishment of any obligations. At this stage, there will be no grants, contracts, or arrangements between the local authority (the applicant) and APLA and/or “Educaid” unless the evaluation procedures have been completed and the winner is selected.

Local authorities wishing to benefit from this activity must have filled out the “Assessment of Inclusion and Accessibility for Local Authorities” form during the previous year 2021 as a prerequisite.

Interested local authorities to benefit from this activity shall write an integrated action plan and send it through e-mail to until 05/13/2023. For inquiries, please contact us via the following numbers: 2960712 – 0594398424.