Position Paper: the COVID-19 Pandemic

20 May 2020

The Association of Palestinian Local Authorities (APLA) issued a position paper in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak in Palestine and the resulting significant losses to many sectors,  particularly local government authorities, which were among the few institutions that continued working despite the scarcity of resources and growing needs. This position paper presented a monitoring of the efforts of local authorities in response to the needs of the Palestinian people since the beginning of the coronavirus crisis, conducted a rapid survey of the needs of these authorities in order to prepare for the gradual post-coronavirus phase, conduct detailed studies of all the effects of this pandemic, and present the mechanisms to be adopted to deal with it.


According to the position paper issued in late May 2020, this crisis has negatively affected local authorities and led to a sharp reduction of at least half in revenues on the one hand and increased expenses on the other, requiring emergency interventions to enable local authorities to continue their tasks and get out of this crisis with minimal damage.